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“He starts the process by strategically editing your resume to illustrate the candidate’s skills and experience. He will then use his extensive knowledge around interviewing and interview preparation to kick off the interview training portion. After working with Lindsey, you will leave feeling confident in your new ability to effectively sell yourself to your future employer.”​

Cortnie D.

Las Vegas, NV
via LinkedIn

“I recently used Lindsey to help prepare for an interview. Lindsey was very helpful with his insight regarding they types of questions that may be asked during the interview. Lindsey focused on experience, behavioral and situational questions. I was more than prepared and felt very comfortable with my answers to the interviewer’s questions. if you’re in the process of preparing for an interview and you’re looking for help, I highly recommend Lindsey for interview prep.”

Scott G.

Riverside, CA
via LinkedIn

“The thing that I have always enjoyed most about Lindsey is his style. He is engaged and engaging, extremely direct and clear while being thoughtful, and he is perceptive and resourceful. Simply, he gets to the heart of the matter and adds value in every conversation.”

Sarah K.

North Carolina
via LinkedIn

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