Preparing for a job search in 4 easy steps

Today’s job environment is tough, but there are still jobs out there and employers seeking to fill them. Jobs are posted for only a handful days or even hours, enough time for the employer to receive hundreds of resumes. Job seekers need to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Is your resume ready? […]

6 Simple Steps to get your Resume Noticed

There are several secrets to a great Resume and some of them are simpler than you think. Recruiters are human like you and me and have a job to do, they want to hire someone!! Both the format and the contents help the reader learn about you. When a recruiter is reviewing a resume, they usually […]

Talking about Side Hustles in Interviews

During an interview a few years ago our candidate told us that he owned a small business, he assured us it would not be a distraction.  The candidate was smart, articulate and had an entrepreneurial spirit, these are all skills that we were looking for. We interviewed him and he did very well, he was […]

6 Steps to Receive Feedback from your Team

As a follow up to one of my previous articles I thought providing recommendations about how to take feedback would be appropriate.  Taking feedback can be hard to hear and emotionally difficult to receive.  If it is delivered properly you will know it is not personal and is meant to be developmental. Your team is […]

Not all Interviews are perfect

I just received a call from a customer who told me that he had a 2-part interview and he was extremely excited that the first part, a behavioral interview went well. In fact, it went so well that even though he struggled with the technical portion of the interview they were going to give him […]

Why are Resume Reviews and Interview Coaching important?

For a job search to be successful you have to know what you want to do.  Here are six steps that lie between you and your new career. Decide what you want to do Do you like working behind a desk or would you rather be visiting clients at their site? Are you a data […]