Why are Resume Reviews and Interview Coaching important?

Write your resume to match the job

A cookie-cutter resume is not going to stand out from the crowd. Your resume should be customized for each position for which you apply. You may need three or four resumes depending on the types of jobs you are considering. Each job description will have key words that your resume should highlight, and each company that you are targeting may have unique words or phrases. Format also matters. A recruiter may take no more than 15-20 seconds to look at your resume. Make each word count. Do a Resume Review to make sure your resume represents you. No typos, all tenses match, logical simple format. Etc .


Prepare to answer interview questions

What could be more stressful than an interview? What interview questions will they ask? How do you answer and when do you stop answering? There are many different types of interviews: text, phone, video, Skype, face to face and more to come. This field continues to change and being successful requires you to understand how to tell your story regardless of the format. Interviewing is more than just answering questions; they are evaluating multiple facets about you. Do you have the technical skills for the position? How do you communicate? How do you dress? How do you sit in front of an interviewer? What’s important to you? What values do you bring? How creative are you? If you’re not sure get some Interview Coaching.

Why are Resume Reviews and Interview Coaching important?

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